//AC Bye Election 2019
AC Bye Election 2019 2019-09-20T00:13:27+05:30
S.No Name Age Assembly Ballot No Pending Criminal Cases Details about Cases if convection for criminal offences
Name of Court, Case No. & Status of the Case(s) Sections of the Acts concerned & Brief Description of offences Name of Court. & Date(s) or Order(s) Description of offence(s) & Punishment Imposes
1 Gunasekaran. R 31 Thiruvarur By-elec 4 Nil Nil Nil Nil
2 Sheik Munaavar 32 Hosur By-elec 5 Nil Nil Nil Nil
3 S.Rajkumar 29 Ambur By-elec 6 Nil Nil Nil Nil