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Ideology / Objective / Principles of TAMILNADU ILANGYAR KATCHI


  • Protection and Promotion of “Tamil Language” and “Tamil Culture”
  • We Respect the 2017 Historical Youth Revolutionary Protest. We Strongly Feel that Our Youth should take Responsibility and Ownership of this Great Nation for its Growth & Bright Future. This would be the Prime Goal Of TamilNadu Ilangyar Katchi
  • Tamil Nadu State can be Protected, Promoted and Driven in Growth Path only if we contest in Elections and win, so that we can bring in necessary changes to showcase our Tamil Nadu as the No. 1 State. We can also Showcase & Teach the World “How to Live in Peace, Love and Harmony”
  • “People’s Welfare” shall be the First Duty. We shall be secular, we shall ensure that everyone Respect, Love and Co-operate with each other in all activities.
  • Agriculture shall be promoted as the Major Occupation. Natural Resources such as Water, Minerals, Soil, Air to be protected from exploitation to ensure Good & Safe Environment for our People
  • Decentralization of Power, Corruption Free Governance and Swaraj Implementation as advised by father of Our Nation Gandhiji. Total Prohibition of Alcohol, Smoking & Drugs in any form.
  • Growing & Shining Villages in entire Tamil Nadu. World Class Education System, Best Medical Practices for People & Animal(s). Governance not for Select Private Groups. Promote Good Quality Education & Create More and More Job Opportunities.
  • Party Leadership to be elected only through a Democratic process based on their Intellectual Acts & Deeds towards people welfare from time to time.

Contact Info

#23, Sakthi Nagar, Porur, Chennai. TamilNadu - 600116

Phone: 96000 44518


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